History of Coalition

in 2003, a broad cross section of the Geneseo community, including representatives from SUNY Geneseo and the Village of Geneseo, came together to form the Geneseo Healthy Campus and Community Coalition. The Village Mayor and College President each signed compact agreements signaling their endorsement of this group.

In 2018, SUNY Geneseo received the Environmental Prevention Grant administered through the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. (OASAS). Twenty SUNY and CUNY schools were selected and each were awarded $125,000 annually for 5 years.

The grant is proactive, research based, data driven process utilizing effective strategies and programs to prevent and reduce alcohol and substance abuse in individuals and communities. The goals of HC3 and the grant include:

  1. Reduce alcohol and drug access on the campus and in the surrounding community.
  2. Reduce availability of alcohol and drugs to the college student population and surrounding community.
  3. Increase protective measures, education on prevention, treatment, change attitudes, and norms that support dangerous and other drug use in Geneseo.
  4. Reduce community and college alcohol and drug-related consequences, such as academic difficulties, alcohol and drug overdoes, injuries, assaults, violence and property damage.
  5. Create a comprehensive and sustainable community and college partnership.
  6. Provide Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) services to college students as appropriate.


Vision and Mission of Coalition

Mission Statement: The Healthy Campus and Community Coalition exists to nurture and sustain partnerships between the College’s and Village’s leaders, students, community members and other stakeholders to prevent illegal and high risk alcohol and other drug consumption.

Vision Statement: Geneseo will be a mutually respectful, collaborative, inclusive community that effectively promotes shared responsibilities for individual well-being.